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The scale industry ushered in the opportunity of the recovery
To promote the development of urbanization is bound to drive the hardware mechanical and electrical industry, the demand for the domestic market will have new point of growth, industry recovery rally number has sounded, rebound when the point the day and await for it. For the scale industry, new urbanization planning the long-awaited finally cut a striking figure, urbanization development is to make the scales have great room for development in the next few years.
Nowadays, although the scale industry has not got rid of the haze weather, but the country to vigorously promote urbanization construction sends a strong signal, which inevitably is connected with the scale industry a good opportunity for development, but the industry is not to wait and wait for the urbanization release enormous energy. The whole hardware Electromechanical industry not only to see the dawn of urbanization, more to save themselves, a weak economy market environment, to calmly deal with the bottom of the situation, now the mind and spirit is the first step, a good attitude adjustment, in order to better the situation.
Hardware electrical industry has a lot of homework to do, a pressing matter of the moment is to reflect the development state of the industry, how to change the current state, reproduction brilliance? All these need hardware Electromechanical industry precipitation down, carefully consider. The friend to know, to fight, to learn to share and self strength, may wish to draw the essence of ancient history to enrich their own. The construction scale industries and towns have have all kinds of connections with contact, no doubt, to promote urbanization will drive the development of the whole industry, inviting big cake in front of, can eat, eat, and eat much, depends on their own ability.
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