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ADD:Chashan Industrial Zone
  Shangyuan area.Shida Road.
  Chashan town,Dongguan City
Service concept: everything for customers, creating customer value
Service objectives: exceed customer expectations , exceeding industry standards
Service Specification : 3 Zero Movement - defect, Zero , zero complain Service slogan: quality services to create value to change
  the world Truly customer satisfaction at the core
1 , 24 hours of the completion of the system : to be completed in order to achieve service 24 hours , 24 hours to respond , 24 hours
  recovery and monitoring information ;
2 , " in the end , one vote " system : each service order is who first took over , then the whole process of handling orders are thus took
  this person is responsible for tracking the implementation until the process is completed ;
3 , fifteen minutes response system: receiving customer calls, reply within fifteen minutes ;
4 , four monitoring mechanisms : the implementation of signed customer site supervision, supervision and marketing representatives
  visited the headquarters dispatch center telephone interviews supervision, "mystery client" dispatch supervision ;
5 , the dual supervision of the system : the introduction of senior supervision , supervision of department heads Service
  Corporation dual supervision system ;
6 , three security system : warehouse headquarters , regional central warehouse , two warehouses triple protection .
Service Hotline:(0769)38870200(30line)86419878 86416992
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