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The new changes of plastic parts mold Market
Today, Home Furnishing life is longing for everyone, so a small home how to layout, Home Furnishing product to need what material, how to choose is very important problem. While these problems appear to hardware mold brought in new market environment. Status of electronic hardware in Home Furnishing in is very important, but the domestic high-end Home Furnishing hardware market and high profit brands on the market are imported hardware mold enterprises occupy. Metal mold parts each big famous brand furniture and cabinets are basically imported five rely on imports. According to the mold expert Luo Baihui introduction, the quality and grade of the furniture is mainly reflected in the selection of hardware fittings. The furniture is inconvenient, largely because of furniture hardware accessories or missing caused by improper selection. As long as there is a metal mold parts corresponding, very complicated multifunctional furniture can be made. Luo Baihui said, the value of metal mold parts in furniture accounted for 5%, but the operation comfort but accounts for the importance of 85%. visible hardware accessories in furniture.
Home Furnishing hardware according to the set can be divided into general and special two categories, which include hinge, hinge, slide, the latter including bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. The hinge, slide, hinge and locks in the life the highest frequency of use, thus is more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of the consumer demand, a greater demand and higher requirements for hardware accessories. Home Furnishing hardware is more emphasis on fatigue performance and the quality of its mechanical properties, anti rust, moisture resistance, the moving piece.
In Jiezhuang increasingly individualized and holistic today, Home Furnishing hardware in addition to meet the functional, but also has an impressive decorative and supporting the whole overall Jiezhuang style. Take the most common handle, currently on the market in addition to stainless steel salad hands, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent paint, on the other, a European style, Chinese style, routine, shaped and so on, to meet the diversified needs of consumers. Luo Baihui also said that, because of the effects of furniture hardware in the furniture is not only connected decoration and some moving parts, its function is more and more strong, relates to the field more and more widely, improve production efficiency, the furniture manufacturing enterprises to reduce costs, improve product quality, strengthen the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, to create benefit played a positive role. With the development of industrial technology, furniture production from the previous workshops, to the current development of mechanization and mass production.
Hardware mould fittings for higher versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative requirements are. Diversification of the substrate, increase the reform the structure and function of the. With the development of China's mold industry, I believe that in the near future, the use of the furniture and cabinets to mould parts are no longer just import, develop our own technology will give industry more surprises.
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