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How to occupy more market share hardware plastic mold enterprises
The reform of economic system is always focus on deepening the reform comprehensively, and hardware industry, cabinet fittings also changed with the different changes. The direction of development in China's cabinet hardware industry from a single original gradually scale, diversification, also appeared to pile up in excess of requirement condition, in order to solve the problem better, every sector of the industry are required to make the corresponding change. Cabinet hardware industry through continuous upgrading product technology, improve product quality means, to ensure that enterprises steer development, occupy more market share.
Development of
polymerization Our hardware market is currently mainly concentrated in the coastal area, at the same time data shows, because of market demand, the country established a multiple hardware industry related technology research and development center and production center. Receive state support, some technology in the world leading level. Not only that, in the export business, our hardware business and processing parts have also come out in front in the world. From the official data show, in 2013, China's hardware industry related industrial products export growth rate up to about 10%.
Our hardware market construction, present production and circulation, large and small, integrated type and single type are reasonable, the overall pattern of complementary. In the coastal areas of the market as the research, individual hardware market with annual sales have exceeded 10 billion yuan. Each industry operators are not blind to develop their own performance, according to the access information is nine Xiaobian feedback, it is not difficult to find they have a clear market position, combined with the national economic situation and the local economic environment, the creation of development mode of operation has a unique style of hardware industry. Or even go high-end line, towards a comprehensive way of business development; some other operator although not taken by function to business division, but by combining chain industry hardware building materials market related, the form of wholesale find business opportunities, access to a wealth of benefits. This is success model can learn from the cabinet hardware industry development.
The transformation and upgrading of
Most of the operators is mainly concerned with how to obtain their own advantage in the industry, at present our country ambry hardware market has saturated condition, product towards the development trend of supply exceeding demand weakness. Building materials Xiaobian suggested by exploring the cabinet hardware operators of their own uniqueness, and constantly improve the quality of hardware accessories products, have their own core competitiveness, with high quality, high technology content product oriented.
At present, the hardware industry profit is compressed sharply, because of the increased prices of raw materials market will inevitably lead to the production costs, the price increase sales little space. Cabinet hardware industry to do the transformation and upgrading of the preparation, the strategic line associated, in an invincible position in the fierce competition.
On the export side, facing the international market puts forward more and more demanding requirements, Xiaobian believe enterprises through the large amounts of data analysis, from product quality, packaging, price and other aspects of innovation to meet the needs of the market, with the strain, found the problem and positive attitude, will win this battle!
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