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The second half of steady slow plastic injection molding process on track development
Because, this year the state investment will not be like last year "four trillion" as the explosive rise, but in macroeconomic adjust range, the overall investment countries than "four trillion" to be heavy, over a period of time, the economic recovery more reasonable. As the construction machinery industry investment industry in this economic situation, will show a weak recovery in the near future. In the long run, engineering machinery will be difficult to reproduce similar to the "golden ten years of" explosive growth, but will become rational.
Although the project machinery industry in a weak recovery, but the development of the industry tends to be rational, have to say that this is a good thing, high-speed growth review "four trillion" period, on the surface, engineering machinery industry enterprises "earned pots of alms bowl full", but from a practical point of view, "four trillion" also let industry investment to highlight the drawbacks, from the period of rapid growth, engineering machinery industry fell into a trough, until now the industry has never recovered, the second half of the rational regression of plastic injection molding processing is not necessarily completely drive the industry recovery, but also not piaffe like traveling.
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