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Hardware plastic mold transformation can take "polymerization" development route
With the development of China's economy, as the cabinet hardware accessories industry also produced major change. In order to solve the problem of pile up in excess of requirement, our country ambry hardware industry is moving towards diversification and scale direction. As the prerequisite, industry upgrading and improvement of technology and product quality assurance become steady development of enterprises, the necessary means to occupy the market share.
Hardware plastic mold can take aggregate development
At present, the domestic hardware market are mainly distributed in the coastal areas, data display, China has established a technology R & D center hardware industry, and many products center. All of these technologies is the world's leading. At the same time, China's Hardware Import & export and processing business is also in the forefront of the world. Relevant data shows, 2013, China's hardware industry export growth rate maintained at 10%.
Cabinet hardware transformation can take "polymerization" development route of
For the comprehensive construction of hardware industry market, China has formed a production and circulation, large and small, integrated type and single type are reasonable, the overall pattern of complementary. In the coastal areas of the market as an example, the market's annual sales have exceeded 10 billion yuan. These coastal area hardware market, according to their own market position, with the economy and environment of the local, have formed the development mode of operation has its own unique style. The diversified mode of operation in some areas, the hardware store go high-end line; some hardware market is not the feature to distinguish the focus of his business, but to take a number and metal building materials market with the chain industry related, the form of wholesale access to business opportunities. This is success model can learn from the cabinet hardware industry development.
Hardware plastic mold industry transformation and upgrading
Data shows, China's cabinet hardware market saturation is already very high, the current market has been oversupply phenomenon. How the market advantage, must improve ambry hardware the competitiveness of the enterprises themselves, in ensuring the quality of their own product case, with high quality, high technology content as the main direction of development.
At the same time, the transformation and upgrading of ambry hardware enterprises is inevitable line. As the price of hardware of rising raw materials costs, competition and related industries, the price has little space. Hardware industry profits have been seriously squeezed. In the international market, foreign imports of hardware products are increasingly high requirements, for the quality of the product, packaging, price and other requirements are pushing the cabinet hardware enterprises to strengthen innovation in R & D and production process.
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