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Plastic fittings enterprise: innovation imminent
At present, due to the financial crisis and the "demand pull" policy, a large number of products China hardware enterprises began to shift to the domestic market. "Even so, enterprises are facing a series of problems. Due to intense competition, changes in raw material prices, rising labor costs and other factors of distress, the past is no longer the advantage of low-cost sales." Chinese International Hardware Show, a responsible person said, "from this year registered for the exhibition situation, innovative products more price advantage." Another CIHS regulars -- a French multinational purchasing group China area vice president said: "the 'innovation' has become a popular language China enterprises, but this does not accomplish at one stroke thing, in the 'innovation' issues, technology, production, marketing and industry chain are required to be improved."
The annual session of the Chinese International Hardware Exhibition is the largest, most influential hardware exhibition, jointly hosted by China Hardware Products Association and the Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd., in 2009 is held on September 16th ~ 18 day, held in Shanghai New International Expo center. "This year opened a new exhibition galleries, purpose is not only to the promotion of innovative products, the more important is to promote effective communication between producers, distributors and buyers."
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