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Vigorously develop the plastic injection molding processing, actively cultivate the core competitive
The current our country automobile parts enterprises not only face the competition fierce impact of multinational companies and domestic enterprises homogenization, and the upstream raw material cost squeeze and downstream host and dealers to continuously improve product quality standards. The status quo is professional level in most of our auto parts enterprises, product development ability is weak. The vast majority of parts enterprises do not have the ability of product development, product development mainly rely on the host plant, it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of vehicle replacement, the company's core competitiveness is low. Therefore, the enterprises in the rising cost pressures and can not effectively get conduction, forcing enterprises to income levels decline.
Facing the current difficulties, actively cultivate their own core competitiveness has become the enterprises need to solve the problem. We know that the core automotive parts and components, high added value are: these parts, the core technology is the mainstream, powder metallurgy technology. The connecting rod is an important part of the engine, many imported models drawings are set for fatigue test load, and requirements in the load fatigue cycle reached more than 5000000. But the domestic automobile engine connecting rod is used mostly forged steel connecting rod and connecting rod fatigue secondary casting more than 500000 is very difficult, because the I-shaped rib connecting rod are not cutting machining, the fatigue life of connecting rod small defects influence. While the foreign mainstream connecting rod is mainly by powder forging, therefore, to cultivate their core competitiveness, a pressing matter of the moment to seek the development of plastic injection molding processing, as a breakthrough point to strengthen domestic parts already weak competitiveness.
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