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Electronic hardware integrity crisis of self salvation
Electronic hardware importance and market opportunities in the increasingly prominent, first let the transaction mode profits become external focus, has become the largest chip electronic hardware competition. At present, the biggest stumbling block to block in front of many of the beach is the credit crisis plagued B2B for, it will also become the mobile Internet application was the best user criticism.
First of all, the main transaction information is not sufficient. Classification and information from the majority of the current domestic electronic hardware website comprehensive, system, detailed information disclosure is, the supplier business owners look but not as people want. In this regard, the HC network as the representative of a number of electronic hardware practitioners began a "platform" strategy of self salvation. From many customers to understand, with core products trading through subdivision, timely advantage, enterprises can not only in the sale of platform on Internet, numerous information, but also the first time that needs to access their information. So many associated with our product purchase information will be listed, these are our target customers, not only save time, but the success rate is high." Adaptation has become the key electronic hardware platform in the mass of information talent showing itself in the wave.
Secondly, the authority and impartiality of the credit electronic hardware site certification being questioned. No ground for blame member companies profit way charge system, just what the convincing outsiders? The website's lack of security authentication, authentication mechanism of electronic hardware industry has not yet formed a standard, the website authentication result is not compatible, not sharing, not universal. In this regard, Huicong network with the ISO9001 quality management system certification, become the first domestic the introduction of standard Internet Co; its business through the same with the ISO9001 quality management system certification of international authority, just won the excellent reputation.
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