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Hardware plastic mold design and manufacture of greater hope of success
Take anti-dumping measures not only hurt the Chinese enterprise, will bring a lot of challenges to the EU importers, but also will greatly improve the downstream production costs, and these costs will eventually be passed on to EU consumers. The European fastener Distributors Association sent a letter to the European Commission by the end of 07, against anti-dumping. The association said, if the Chinese enterprises to levy anti-dumping duties, will result in the loss of China this important trade partners, gap will be difficult in a short period of time to get up, which may lead to the European fastener shortage of supply, and affect the automobile, machinery and other related industries. With years of anti-dumping litigation experience, Mcclain said, although the "no damage to the defense" has always been difficult, which involves forensics complex, but in Chinese fastener of a case, he personally feel that the Chinese enterprises to put a good reason. Mcclain optimistic about the expected possibility of winning in 70%.
According to EU anti-dumping procedures, the European Commission is expected in 08 years around August make anti-dumping preliminary decision, while the EU Member States will be in February next year to decide whether to China fasteners to impose formal anti-dumping duties.
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