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 Innovation:Innovation is the source of new technology forward Ron hardware development. Innovative thinking has not broken the enterprise, including product innovation, production process innovation, marketing innovation, corporate culture innovation, management innovation! Without a new record, is also a white hit! Conform to the trend of socio-economic development, national policy followed by the changes open up a new production, marketing, management, service concept!
 Ahead:As the name suggests, "progress" is continually advance and improve their learning; "take" is to acquire, through the promotion, after learning the results obtained on the long road of development of new Lang, only through its own! learning and exploration, will have a new breakthrough! can succeed! Of course, this is inevitable after taking advanced, in short, all the new hardware Lang team should have a positive, bold spirit of exploration, it will be a success, Instant unsuccessful, already pay the price! progressive heart will gradually deepened into a new body every employee Ron!
 Pragmatic:all realistic, steady realistically dry, do not empty slogans, all to the actual situation as a benchmark, take a good solid pace every new normal functioning of the hardware business Lang Wang Fu "Talking" which said:! "Adults do not China, the gentleman pragmatic. "This is the Chinese cultural emphasis on reality, advocating the spirit of hard work. Today, this spirit is more to reflect the new values ​​of the above hardware Lang, exclusion flashy things, the pursuit of pragmatic style, the further development and enterprise integration! Pragmatism Lang from every new employee to start!
 Understanding:New Long core values ​​the most humane thing, focusing reflected in the understanding between businesses and their customers, with suppliers of understanding, understanding understanding between employees and employees, between superiors and subordinates, and only mutual understanding, to go along with a more stable farther! understanding the same time, abide by its commitment, while services to the right, fair, just and humane way to follow up! Long live the new Long advocating understanding of high concept, and each partner to maintain a close and mutually beneficial relationship between good win!
 Business philosophy:
Customer satisfaction at the core
Objectivity, impartiality, openness, fairness greatest extent possible appraisal of every employee!
Win, honest, pragmatic, to help every customer
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